Prof Bernard Wood

My area of research is experimental petrology, aimed at experimentally simulating conditions within the Earth in order to understand fundamental petrological and geochemical processes. One aspect of this has been the development of quantitative models to predict trace element partitioning between crystals and melts during igneous processes. This research uses high pressure-high temperature experiments in conjunction with microanalysis of mineral and melt phases and theory based on the elastic properties of the minerals.

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Dr Jon Wade

Jon Wade is a senior research associate who is experimentally investigating volatile species in igneous systems. He takes a novel approach by firstly measuring the properties of trace components in silicate melts then predicting and testing their expected volatilities under controlled conditions. The immediate aim is to provide a data set of minor and trace element volatilities that is directly relevant to planetary evolution, volcanic and environmental hazards.

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Dr James Tuff

Experimental study into the genesis of unusually Fe-rich mantle-derived melts from the Parana-Etendeka large igneous provinces. This study suggested that Fe-rich magmas may have been generated by melting of a source consisting of peridotite and garnet pyroxenite.

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Mr Ashley Norris

Experimental measurement of heavy metal volatility in silicate melts, with a focus on implications for planetary formation.

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Experimental Petrology