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Rock Preparation

Rock Preparation is part of the Departments Geological Facilities, and is situated in rooms 00.12 (Rock Cutting), 00.14 (Polishing) and 00.15 (Thin Section). It includes a diverse range of rock sample preparation equipment in support of both research and teaching. In addition, as part of the Universities Small Research Facilities (SRF’s), its services are available to staff from other departments. For a comprehensive list of equipment available and further information on guidance on using other departments’ facilities, refer to the Universities Administration website ‘List of Small Research Facilities (SRF’s)’.

Services offered

We have experience of producing petrological sections from a wide range of materials including, rocks, minerals, fossils, concrete, ceramics, sands and soils and are able to offer the following:

  • Rock cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing of surfaces
  • Vacuum and pressure epoxy and acrylic (clear or dyed) resin impregnation of friable material
  • 30µm thin sections various sizes available 2×1″, 3×1″, 3×2″ and 4×3″ both covered and uncovered
  • Standard or orientated, polished (single or double) for microprobe, cathodoluminescence, ultra- thin, fluid inclusion and crystal optics analysis
  • Uncovered sections for carbonate staining and non-carbonate staining, and prepared surfaces for acetate peels

A comprehensive list of the rock preparation equipment available within the Department of Earth Sciences can be seen via the Research Facilities website. Potential customers, within the University and from outside, should initially contact the Head of Administration and Finance ( to discuss their needs and obtain quote.