What is EMeRG?

EMeRG is the Eastern Mediterranean Research Group at the Department of Earth Sciences in the University of Oxford. EmeRG is composed of world leading experts in Basin Analysis, Earth Resources, Marine Geophysics, Tectonics and Natural Hazards. The research problems undertaken by EMeRG are tackled using industry seismic reflection data, borehole data and remote-sensing data combined with field-based observations.

We draw on decades of combined experience, with the interaction between different fields of expertise, and cutting-edge facilities. Our active projects are sponsored by European and UK institutions/charities, by industry partners that contribute with funding and data/software donations, and have close links with international research collaboration programs such as the IODP.

What does EMeRG do?

EMeRG operates primarily in the basins of the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as others in the wider Mediterranean and surrounding onshore regions, implementing a multi-disciplinary approach in addressing a range of geological problems. For research and consultancy purposes, EMeRG is focused on improving our understanding of:

  • The tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of the Mediterranean
  • Active tectonics and earthquakes
  • The Messinian Salinity Crisis and Messinian evaporites
  • Salt tectonics during and since the evaporite deposition
  • Pre-salt hydrocarbon prospects
  • Fluid migration, particularly hydrocarbons and their relationship with the formidable Messinian Salt seal