Welcome to the Earth Sciences Library

The library contains a wealth of resources for the students and staff of the department, and it is a pleasant place to study.


Undergraduates are automatically registered to use the library.

If you are a DTP student, a Postgraduate or a member of staff please register, either in person or by emailing the librarian with:

  • your university card number
  • the expiry date

Opening hours

Members of the department have 24-hour swipe access.

The librarian’s working hours are variable but the library is usually staffed between 9am and 1pm each day, and until 3pm on Mondays. She will be working from home on most Wednesdays.

At other times, Reception may be able to help with access to some library material.

External readers may be able to use the library – please contact the librarian.


Departmental Librarian: Elizabeth Crowley


Phone: 01865-272-050

How to find the library

The library is situated in the Department of Earth Sciences.

Library etiquette

The following guidelines are to ensure the library runs smoothly and remains a useful resource for all.

  • Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Do not eat, or drink anything but bottled water.
  • Use the self-issue machine to borrow books, even when you are taking them to the Labs, your office or the Common Room.
  • Return your loans promptly
  • Leave desks free for others to use – personal belongings may be left in the slots by the outsize books.
  • Switch the lights off if you are the last person to leave!
Students Working Quietly in the Library

Students Working in the Library