How to Find Electronic Resources


SOLO is a search and discovery tool for the Oxford libraries’ vast collections of resources, including the Bodleian Libraries, Departmental Libraries and most College Libraries.

It gives results for:

SOLO does not give results for article or chapter title searches.

For articles, go to Databases A-Z to use online journal indexes such as GeoRef, Web of Science or Scopus.

For books, use the main titles.

Looking up a favourite Earth Sciences book on SOLO

Looking up a favourite Earth Sciences book on SOLO

Databases A-Z

Databases A-Z provides access to Oxford’s extensive collection of databases, electronic reference works, e-journals and e-Book packages.

Resources can be browsed by subject or searched by title.

Oxford e-Journals

The libraries subscribe to many electronic journals. Due to licensing agreements with publishers, access is limited to full, current members of the university.

Full-text access to journal articles is provided via Oxford e-Journals or SOLO

You can search by journal title, subject and citation.

Electronic Legal Deposit (eLD)

The Bodleian Libraries have had the right to claim a copy of everything published in the UK since 1662.

eLD is the extension of this to include electronic books, articles, web pages and other electronic documents published in the UK.

However, this material can only be read on a PC in one of the Bodleian Libraries – not here in Earth Sciences or on your own computer.

Earth Sciences LibGuide

This LibGuide has information on Earth Sciences resources in Oxford’s Libraries and, in particular, on useful electronic resources.