Our research in geophysics seeks to understand the structure and dynamics of planetary interiors, the response of the lithosphere to loading, the mechanics of earthquakes and ice sheets, the causes and consequences of planetary magnetism, and the fluid dynamics of geological materials. It relies on collection and analysis of observational data and on the application of rigorous mathematical techniques, typically utilising high-performance computing facilities both locally in Oxford and nationally.

Faculty working in this area include:

James Bryson (magnetism)
Jessica Hawthorne (earthquake mechanics)
Richard Katz (dynamics of fluid–solid systems)
Mike Kendall (seismology and geomechanics)
Paula Koelemeijer (seismology)
Conall MacNiocaill (rock magnetism)
Hauke Marquardt (mineral physics)
Claire Nichols (magnetism)
Tarje Nissen-Meyer (seismology)
Laura Stevens (ice-sheet dynamics)

Groups associated with this theme include:

Geodynamics (Katz)
Magnetism (Bryson, MacNiocaill & Nichols)
Seismology (Koelemeijer & Nissen-Meyer)

Emeritus faculty:

Philip England (geodynamics and tectonics)
Barry Parsons (geodesy)
Tony Watts (marine geophysics)