Geodesy, Tectonics, Volcanology and Related Hazards

Our research advances techniques and applications in Earth Observation (EO), and integrates these with field measurements and modelling to improve understanding of the processes causing earthquakes and volcanoes, both on land and at sea. We are at the forefront of rapid scientific assessment of tectonic and volcanic hazards, securing urgency funding to analyse post-event deposits or to make assessments of possible future events. Oxford researchers are active in the BGS partnered COMET (Centre for Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tectonics) research centre, having provided the funding director (2008-13) and two of three current deputy directors. We are core to a number of major interdisciplinary programmes aimed at evaluating, monitoring and mitigating hazards from earthquakes and volcanoes in central Asia, East Africa, and South America.

Faculty working in this area include:

Philip England (geodynamics and tectonics)
Jessica Hawthorne (earthquake mechanics)
Tamsin Mather (volcanism, environmental mercury chemistry)
Barry Parsons (geodesy)
David Pyle (volcanology)
Mike Searle (continental tectonics)
Richard Walker (neotectonics)
Tony Watts (marine geophysics)

Groups associated with this theme include:

Active Tectonics and Earthquakes Research
Marine geology and geophysics
Tectonics of Asia

Links to research programmes with departmental involvement:

Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas (STREVA)
Earthquakes without Frontiers (EwF)