Graduate Admissions

October 2016 entry

Projects still available for  available for 2016 entry

Ocean Biogeochemical Optimisation in ESMs (OBOE)

A new fully funded studentship has become available on 29 February.  It is supervised by Professor Samar Khatiwala and is entitled Ocean Biogeochemical Optimisation in ESMs (OBOE).  The closing date is 22 April 2016.  Please apply via the University of Oxford’s online applications system and select the DPhil course code RD_EG1.  Further details on the project can be found here.

STFC Studentships

The Department has two STFC studentships available for 2016 entry. These are open to home applicants, or EU applicants who have lived in the UK for three years or longer. The closing date is 22 April 2016.  Please apply via the University of Oxford’s online applications system and select the DPhil course code RD_EG1.  Further details on the projects available can be found below.

Project EARTH-16-STFC-BJW1: The crystallisation of the Moon

Project EARTH-16-STFC-CHB1: Tracing the acretionary origin and processing of planetary volatiles using noble gas isotopes

Project EARTH-16-STFC-JW1: Heavy Mantles – evaporating space rock?

Project EARTH-16-STFC-RK1: Tidally forced melting, magmatic segregation, and planetary evolution of Jupiter’s moon Io. Theory and computational models

Project EARTH-16-STFC-RK2: Anisotropic viscosity in deforming upper mantle: a control on tectonics of rocky planets?

Project EARTH-16-STFC-TM1: Quantifying volcanic activity on Venus through change detection


Please note, with the exception of the projects above, we are now closed to applications for 2016 entry (unless you are able to provide your own funding).


NERC Doctoral Training Programme (DTP)

The University of Oxford expects to have a number of full NERC studentships for 2016 entry as a part of the move to the Doctoral Training Programme .

In Oxford, these studentships will be available to support research students across the full remit of NERC’s research portfolio, which includes the full breadth of research activities in Earth Sciences.

These studentships are open to home applicants, or EU applicants who have lived in the UK for three years or longer.

Further details can be found here.

Oil and Gas (NERC Centre for Doctoral Training)

The University is a core partner in the UK’s first Centre for Doctoral Training in Oil and Gas. We expect to have three studentships available for 2016 entry in Oxford.

For these studentships, we can consider Home and EU applicants.  International applicants can only be considered if they are able to cover the fee differential.

Further details can be found here.


To keep up with news and updates, please follow us on Twitter (@OxUniEarthSci and @OxfordEnvRes), or look on the DTP website

Before submitting an application

Please ensure you contact the project supervisor to discuss your proposed project.  A list of Faculty and their contact details can be found here.


A list of projects available for 2016 entry can be found here.


Most interviews will be held in mid to late February 2016.

Details of the interview format will be provided later, but typically an interview may last for up to half an hour.  During this time your application will be discussed in detail, and you may expect a challenging conversation with panel members.  However, we hope you may find this a stimulating opportunity to discuss your work.

We will also try and arrange for you to meet with your potential supervisor and discuss project-related matters with them.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the Department.

For international or EU candidates unable to come to Oxford, a Skype interview will be arranged.

Further Details

We will welcome applications from those with, or working for first degrees,or Masters-level degrees, in

  • Earth Sciences
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • other related subjects.

We would encourage applicants to contact a potential supervisor prior to application.  This is essential if you are not applying to a listed project.

UK students are eligible for full support, and a range of support will be available for EU and international students.

Please follow the appropriate link below for further details on how to apply:

Please contact Emma Brown with any queries.

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General information on graduate admissions for the University of Oxford can be found on the main university website.

Multiple Applications

You may submit multiple online applications to different programmes in a single admissions cycle, although you may only apply to any individual programme once per cycle. Details of how to submit multiple applications are available in the ‘Instructions’ section of the Embark online application form.

If you want to apply for more than one programme, you will need to submit a separate application for each, along with full supporting materials and the application fee.

However, where Centre for Doctoral Training (CDTs) or Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) have associated non-CDT DPhil programmes, it is possible to submit up to two additional applications for related courses from a set of permitted options without paying additional fees.

Please note that you cannot apply to more than one non-CDT DPhil without paying further application fees.

The permitted options will depend on the course you select in your initial application and are listed on the individual entries in the Course Guide. Once you have submitted an application to your first programme, please request a fee waiver from Graduate Admissions and Funding using the online query form, stating which further programmes you intend to apply to. Applicants wishing to make multiple applications for non-CDT DPhil programmes or any programmes which are not included in the permitted options will need to pay a separate fee for each application.