The Palaeomagnetism and Rock Magnetism Group at the University of Oxford using the magnetism of natural samples to explore a broad spectrum of problems in Earth and Planetary Sciences. These involve topics in sedimentology, volcanology, ancient Earth, lunar evolution, and the formation and evolution of other planetary bodies (Moon, Mars, asteroids). The group’s work is conducted primarily in the Oxford Magnetism Laboratory, which includes a 2G-enterprises Superconducting Rock Magnetometer, a state-of-the-art Quantum Diamond Microscope, several paleomagnetic ovens (including one with atmosphere control), and a kappabridge. We also employ a range of thermal evolution models of planetary cores to simulate the generation of natural magnetic fields, and compare these to our measured data to recover the deepest level of insight possible from our data. Please see the links on the left for details of the people in the group, current projects, our world-leading facilities, and recent publications.