Earth Resources

Resource exploration continues to offer fundamental scientific challenges with obvious societal relevance. Collaborative research with industrial partners assesses the distribution of resources in sedimentary basins; unconventional hydrocarbons; hydrocarbon migration and flow; the tectonic evolution of rifted continental margins and cratonic basins; and geological CO2 sequestration. For example, Shell and Oxford University signed a major collaborative research agreement in 2012 in which Shell generously undertook to support fundamental research into the deposition, diagenesis, deformation and geochemistry of mudrocks. This £5.9m investment is for an initial period of five years, and allows a major expansion of research activity into the underpinning science behind the exploration for and development of earth resources in the Department of Earth Sciences. Faculty within the Department also have substantial funding from further earth resource companies including Saudi Aramco, BG, BP and Petrobras, which has supported – for example – the installation of the equipment to deliver the Department’s first capability in X-Ray diffraction techniques.

Faculty working in this area include:

Chris Ballentine
Joe Cartwright

Hugh Jenkyns
Stuart Robinson
Nick Tosca

Groups associated with this theme include:

Chemical Sedimentology
Shell-Oxford Research Collaboration

Noble Lab