Training and Development

Training and Personal Development is available for all staff at Oxford. Courses are provided by several institutes and centres. This page aims to make you aware of the array of courses and programmes available to you.

Development programmes for University Staff 

Ad Feminam

Ad Feminam mentoring is intended to encourage women to explore their leadership potential within academic life, or within an administrative career, for example as leaders of departments and divisions or in university governance. The scheme is expected both to benefit individual mentees and to contribute to culture change within the University.


Springboard is an award winning personal and professional development programme, created specifically to enable women to achieve their full potential both at work and in their personal lives. It is designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives. Women are less well represented in senior roles with in the University. Springboard provides women with a means by which we aim to address this concern.

Springboard for researchers

There is also a researcher specific programme for doctoral research students and postdoctoral researchers, tailored to develop core personal effectiveness skills in the context of the research environment and research careers.

Navigator Development Programme for Men

Navigator results in long term, high quality benefits for individuals and their organisations. Grounded in reality, it enables men to identify the clear and practical steps they want to take in their lives, and then develop the skills and determination to do something about them.

Courses for University Staff 

The Oxford Learning Institute provides free courses for university staff. Coverage includes teaching and learning, work-related skills and leadership and management. The MPLS Division also offers a range of courses designed to support the career and development of research staff.

Other providers

IT Learning Programme

Oxford University Language Centre

Research Services


Staff Gateway – Training & Development 

If you would like to discuss training options, please contact Emma Smith, HR Manager (

Research Careers

If you are considering or wishing to further an academic career in Earth Sciences, you may find this set of suggested links useful.