Electron Micro-Analysis

Welcome to the electron microanalysis page of the Department of Earth since of the University of Oxford.  We use electron beam instruments to characterize geologic materials, using a variety of imaging and quantitative tools.  The lab is managed by Dr. Jon Wade and Dr. Phillip Gopon.

The lab houses an:

FEI Quanta 650 Scanning Electron Microscope

equipped with secondary and backscattered detectors, Oxford Instruments EBSD and EDS systems, and a CL detector.  The instruments has a field emission gun source allowing for imaging of features down to a few nanometers, and can be operated in a low vacuum mode to accomodate insulating samples.

as well as an:

CAMECA SX5-FE Electron Microprobe

equipped with a field emission gun, 5 wavelength dispersive detectors, and 1 energy dispersive detector (EDS) this instrument allows for major, minor, and occasionally trace elements analysis and mapping of phases down to ~300 nanometers.