Planetary Evolution and Materials

We study the origin and internal development of the Earth and other terrestrial planets, and the chemical and mineralogical behaviour of planetary materials, with significant expertise in the application of isotope geochemistry and experimental mineralogy. Substantial funding from the European Research Council and NERC underpins a range of research goals and has equipped the Department with a world-leading suite of geochemical and experimental petrology instrumentation.

Faculty working in this area include:

Chris Ballentine (noble gas geochemistry)
Alex Halliday (isotope geochemistry)
Lars Hansen (rock rheology)
Richard Katz (geodynamics)
Conall MacNiocaill (palaeomagnetism)
Don Porcelli (geochemistry)
Dave Waters (metamorphic petrology)
Bernie Wood (experimental petrology)

Groups associated with this theme include:

Experimental Petrology
Noble Lab
Rock Rheology

Links to research programmes with departmental involvement: