The Physical Oceanography group uses analytical theory, numerical models and ocean observations to understand the circulation of the oceans and their role in the climate system. It includes scientists in both the Earth Sciences Department and in Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary Physics.

Faculty: Helen Johnson, David Marshall, Laure Zanna

Postdocs: David Munday, James Maddison, Renske Gelderloos, PierGianLuca Porta Mana

Students: Liam Brannigan, Benjamin Bronselaer, Thomas Millgate (BAS)

Visitors: Matthew Thomas, Gabriele Messori, Talia Tamarin

Previous members of the group: Lesley Allison, Lucy Bricheno, Amrita Shravat, Sarka Tukova, Xiaoming Zhai, Stuart Daines, Adam Candy, Jemma Shipton, Helen Pillar, Peter Davis

We have a wide range of interests including polar oceanography, eddies, boundary current separation, the meridional overturning circulation and fundamental geophysical fluid dynamics.  Many of us are also involved in the James Martin 21st Century Ocean Institute which aims to understand changes to the ocean carbon cycle.