Recognised Students

Recognised Student status is a special status for postgraduate research students who are registered with another university, and who have been admitted by a faculty or department at the University of Oxford to undertake research under the guidance of an Oxford academic.

If you are admitted as a Recognised Student, you will be allocated an Academic Advisor, who will give general advice about the research topic, but not systematic instruction, such as reading and commenting on written work, as you are expected to be sufficiently well advanced in your studies to undertake research largely unsupervised.  The Advisor would normally expect to see you only two or three times each term, and would discuss the work as a colleague rather than as a teacher.  Please ensure you contact a potential Academic Advisor to discuss your work before applying.  A list of Faculty and their contact details can be found here.

You may spend a period of up to three terms (i.e. one academic year) at Oxford, associated with the department and an Academic Advisor.  You should ensure that the start of your stay corresponds with the start date of an academic term.

Recognised Student status does not provide a formal association with an Oxford college and will not be awarded a formal qualification or accreditation by Oxford.

All students are expected to meet the University’s standard level English language proficiency requirements for admission.

University tuition fees are payable to cover the cost of access to the University facilities and the guidance provided by your Academic Advisor.  Tuition fees do not include college fees (as you are not affiliated with any college), accommodation, or other course and maintenance fees.

It is not possible to be admitted as a Recognised Student if you have already been matriculated as a member of the University of Oxford.  In such a case, the only possibility is to apply directly to a college to return as a matriculated non-award student; this status requires a college place, and incurs course fees at the Home or Overseas rate.  Matriculated non-award fees are set and published by each individual college.  Please see college websites for details.

For more details about becoming a Recognised Student, please visit the University website.  Further details about how to apply, fees, visas, and English language requirements, can be found on the University admissions pages.