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A-Level Results Day – What Happens Next?

Congratulations to all students on receiving your A-Level Results. Whatever the outcome, we strongly encourage you to visit the University of Oxford’s ‘What Happens When I receive My Results?‘ website for the most comprehensive information on your next steps.

We are aware that the majority of our offer holders will have had their education disrupted since the start of the COVID-19 emergency, with many also unable to take examinations that would have contributed to their final grades. The University of Oxford will therefore be accepting the grades issued this summer by the relevant recognised authority. Providing you meet all of the conditions of your offer with us by 13th August, your offer will be confirmed and you will be accepted by the University. This applies wherever you are currently studying in the world.

Conditional Offers:

If your results meet all the conditions of your offer, your place is assured and you will be able to see confirmation of your place on UCAS Track a few days later. Congratulations! Your college will be in touch shortly after this but in the meantime you can share your good news and join the celebrations on Twitter at #GoingtoOxford. If you haven’t already, please read the important information about the arrangements for your first term which Oxford are putting in place. You might also like to read our general guidance for new students so that you can be confident about coming here this autumn.  We want you to know that the University have not only your education but your health and safety at the heart of these plans.

Missed Offer Conditions:

If you do not meet all the conditions of your offer (for example if you have not achieved the required grades) your college will make a final decision regarding your offer. If you find yourself in this situation and require further information or you feel we should be alerted to any exceptional circumstances you have experienced, please contact your college. You can also read some FAQs on meeting conditions of offers.

For more information on Deferrals, Appeals, Autumn series exams, Conditional Open Offers, & International Qualification Offer Holders, please refer to the University’s Results website.

Clearing, Extra or Adjustment:

Please note that the University does not participate in UCAS Clearing, Extra or Adjustment. There are no further places available at Oxford University for any courses starting this year. We routinely make more offers than there are places available, to ensure that all places are filled. Further information about places available at other institutions can be found on the UCAS website at


Below are a couple of key questions outlined, but don’t forget to please visit the University’s results page, or the FAQs for Undergraduate Offer Holders for more information.

What if I successfully appeal my results and meet my offer conditions:

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, University admissions this year are taking place in an environment of exceptional instability and uncertainty and this includes the extraordinary process for the grading of A-levels. Against this backdrop we are firmly committed to admitting as many eligible students as possible, whilst balancing this against our responsibility to prioritise the health and safety of our community and the need to protect the quality of the Oxford student experience.

Following the recent change (12 August) in Government policy regarding the appeals process for A-levels this year, we are revising our deadline for confirmation of acceptance to begin studying here in autumn 2020.

Once we reach maximum capacity for our intake of undergraduates in 2020, we will have to defer entry to 2021 for any additional candidates who appeal successfully and whose place is confirmed after 13 August. Our primary concern must be the health and safety of our students, staff and community and it will not otherwise be possible for us to meet ongoing social-distancing restrictions and other challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means we will admit for entry in 2020:

  • candidates who have had their offers confirmed by us by 13 August.

We will accept for entry in 2021:

  • candidates who meet the conditions of their offer, through the appeal process via their school, after 13 August.

Note: if you have not met the conditions of your offer by 13 August, but hope to do so by the UCAS deadline of 7 September and believe that deferring the start of your course until autumn 2021 would have serious consequences for you then please contact now the college that made you an offer (or your underwriting college for open offer candidates) as a matter of urgency.

This does not change our policy on the autumn exam series. Any candidate who does not meet the conditions of their offer through either the initial release of results or the appeal process, may wish to reapply. They will need to re-apply through UCAS by the 15 October 2020 deadline, and retake any admissions test(s) required for the course. Their application will be considered alongside others for 2021 entry, however, we will not consider the results of the exams taken in autumn or June 2021 as re-takes, so their applications will not be disadvantaged when admissions decisions are made.

Given the ongoing uncertainties about coronavirus, what will arrangements be for coming to Oxford in October?

We will be welcoming students from the start of the Autumn term, with a continued commitment to Oxford’s personalised learning, with colleges open, and with health measures in place to keep students and staff safe. We are working in a flexible way, and will follow all government advice. Our first priority is the health and safety of our staff, students and our local community and we have put in place a comprehensive plan which includes a Covid-19 testing service at the University, protective measures such as the wearing of face coverings and other support such as mixed delivery of teaching both online and face-to-face. A full statement is available here:

Please visit the University’s new microsite for detailed information on the start of the 2020/21 Academic Year for returning and new students

Still Have Questions?

If you have any specific questions about the offer you are holding, your A-Level results, or about the arrangements for Michaelmas Term, please get in touch with your admitting College directly or contact our Academic Office (