School Workshops

We have a variety of workshops that fit within the primary and secondary curriculum and which can be adapted for a variety of age groups/needs. They typically take an hour. The workshops are free and we typically only require a parking space on the day. To book a workshop for your school within Oxfordshire please email:

I am a volcanologist (Foundation) 

A simple workshop that works with the children in small groups. Involves learning a volcano dance and the handling of equipment such as a volcanologists suit and gas mask. Good for when STEM days are being celebrated across schools. 15-20 minutes minutes per small group of 6-8 students.



Goldilocks in Space (yr 1/2)

This is a simpler version of the yr 5 Planetary interiors workshop and is based around a story book, Goldilocks in Space which is read to the children before they design their own planet. The children learn about the different compositions of planets that make up our solar system.



Rocks and Volcanoes (yr 3/4) 

Focuses on igneous rocks and volcanoes. Children handle igneous rocks and think about where in a volcano they formed, they also handle a volcanologists suit and take part in a whole class experiment which uses party poppers to make predictions of volcanic eruptions.



Volatile Volcanoes (yr 5/6) 

This interactive session gives students the chance to discover the science of volcano monitoring and prediction. The children act as new settlers of a volcanic island with a bright team of volcanologists with them.  They plan to safely live with the volcano by mapping the island, planning their towns and predicting eruptions so that they can evacuate. Will they be successful?


a line of a paper planetary system lying on the carpet with a person kneeling next to it. There is a Sun, followed by a red magma planet, a tidally locked planet which is read on one side and blue on the other. Then a brown rocky planet, a piece of paper representing the snow line and then a white icy planet.

Planetary Interiors (yr 5/6) (yr 7-9)

Involves learning about a planets composition based on its distance from the sun and the ‘snow line’. Each student designs a planet and places it the correct distance from the sun based on its composition.

An adapted version suitable for secondary school pupils involves additionally learning about Magnetic fields, which planets have them and why they are important.