Thin Section Lab

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation is part of the Departments Geological Facilities, and comprises Rock Cutting, Polishing and Thin Section laboratories. It includes a diverse range of sample preparation equipment. We support both teaching and research within the department and are happy to take on work from other departments within the university. We also work with other universities and organizations to help them with their sample preparation needs


Services offered

We have experience of producing petrological sections from a wide range of materials including, rocks, minerals, fossils, ceramics, sands and soils. Examples of the type of work we can offer include:

  • Cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing of surfaces
  • Vacuum and pressure resin impregnation of friable material
  • Thin sections various sizes available 2×1″, 3×1″, 3×2″ and 4×3″ both covered and uncovered
  • Polished thin sections or blocks for SEM / microprobe
  • Non-standard thin and polished sections.
  • Carbonate staining of thin sections

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact:

Jonathan Wells Thin Section Lab Manager

Owen Green Geological Facilities Manager