Elena Melekhova

Elena Melekhova

Senior Research Fellow in Experimental Petrology
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 282145

I manage Experimental Petrology Facilities in the Department.

My area of research is igneous and experimental petrology. I relate high-temperature, high-pressure experiments to natural igneous rocks through studies of lavas, crustal xenoliths and melt inclusions.

One of my main interests is the role of water in production and differentiation of magma under volcanic arcs. This covers not only evolution of melt as it rises to the surface through partially solidified crust leaving residual solid assemblages behind (brought to the surface with magma as crustal xenoliths), but also thermal structure and composition of underlying mantle.

My second main interest is evolution of the continental crust. To evaluate development and growth of crust through time I bring together geophysics, petrography, geochemistry, and phase diagrams which help us to contrarian temperatures and pressures of different crustal mineral assemblages. My research projects have been mainly focused on Lesser Antilles volcanic arc but I also have projects on Kamchatka, Vanuatu and Mexico.

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