Manesh Mistry, Exeter 2010

Market Intelligence Analyst

Career Choice: Market Intelligence Analyst, Pictet Asset Management, Geneva

Salary band: £35,000 – £50,000

What is your current role?

My job is broadly split into two: I look at overall market trends to see which asset classes (bonds, equities, alternatives etc.) are taking money and look at how my company’s funds are positioned versus our competitors. This is ultimately to help investment teams manage their portfolios and to provide material for our sales teams to push our funds to clients, while also looking at a product development aspect (which funds we should launch/close). It’s mostly data crunching and using Excel and Powerpoint so it’s nothing too taxing but it is a good way to learn about an industry that is rather unrelated to Earth Sciences.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Seeing the funds I have worked on selling well! Also, having the freedom to work in London or Geneva is definitely a massive perk for such a junior role; I’m quite proud to have landed that!

What are the future opportunities for you in your career area?

This is currently an internship within marketing & products but I definitely want to stay on with Pictet, a really prestigious company in the financial sector. Most opportunities are in Geneva but I hope to eventually find a role in an investment team in London where the company also has a sizeable operation. I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest company or industry to move up the chain quickly but, as with many things, you are ultimately judged on your funds’ performances and sales when you start working on the investment side of things.

What made you study Earth Sciences at Oxford?

I was not overly enuthused by the prospect of studying pure maths, chemistry, physics or geography (my A level subjects)! Earth Sciences seemed the perfect way to combine these subjects and learn about a vast array of interesting topics.

What was your favourite aspect of the Earth Sciences course?

Field Trips. My favourite field trip was to Spain in the 3rd year, our last trip together as a year group. I hear the Bermuda trip in 4th year was pretty good but I made the questionable decision to go to Greece. Not that Greece was a bad trip at all, it’s just that the Bermuda trip sounded excellent.

What advice would you give to current students, either just starting out, or about to graduate?

I discovered that I learn better in a group. Many assume that it is compulsory to lock oneself in the library and avoid all human contact until the early hours to prepare for exams; this seems particularly true of Oxbridge culture. I found working with a couple of friends in department a really good way to learn the material and stay calm in exam season. Obviously this won’t work for everyone but do give it a go.

Also, Conall always told us to keep things in perspective: one exam is never worth more than a few percent so it’s best to just stay calm and move onto the next one if an exam goes wrong. Of course, this doesn’t work if you blow every exam but we really are lucky compared to those students who sit their entire course in five or six exams, all within a week for good measure!