Tim Chapman, St Peter’s 1987

Founder, Geopoint Advisory

What do you do now?

Founder, Geopoint Advisory, an independent advisor/ consultant to the oil and gas industry on strategy, mergers and acquisitions and capital raising.

What are the highlights of your current role?

Working at a strategic level with senior energy industry executives in several different geographic areas; flexibility of being self-employed.  I worked in oil and gas investment banking for 24 years and am now enjoying the best bits of that job.

What did you do when you first graduated?

Travelled for 3 months in Asia then joined Chase Manhattan Bank where I was trained in corporate finance and stayed for 11 years.

How did you get from there to your current role?

I have worked in investment banking for 24 years, ultimately heading up international oil and gas investment banking for Royal Bank of Canada.  I left the City at end of 2014 and wanted to stay involved in the oil and gas industry to use my expertise so set up my own advisory business.

What has been the most useful advice/experience in your career?  

The early training I had at Chase Manhattan Bank was an excellent bridge between Earth Science academia and commerce.

We interviewed Tim in late summer 2015, as part of the “Class of 1990 – Where are they now?” Project