Tamsin Mather, David Pyle

Current post-Doctoral Researchers and Research Fellows

Karen Fontijn, Mike Cassidy

Current graduate Research Students

Frey Fyfe, Jon HuntAmber Madden-Nadeau, Grace Manley, Jackie Ratner, Isabelle Taylor

Alumni (DPhil)

Gemma Prata (2018) Volcanic Ash in the Atmosphere.

Lawrence Percival (2017) Exploring the use of mercury in reconstructing the environmental impacts of Large Igneous Provinces. Now at University of Lausanne.

Mike Stock (2016) The volatile history of past volcanic eruptions. Now at the University of Cambridge.

Martin Airey (2015) Volcanism as an active planetary process on Venus. Now at University of Reading.

Stefan Lachowycz (2015) Records of and controls on temporal variations in activity at arc volcanoes. Now at Carnegie, DC, USA

Harriet Rawson (2015) Volcanic history and magmatic evolution of Mocho-Choshuenco Volcano, Southern Chile. Now Catastrophe Risk Analyst at Sompo Canopius.

Will Hutchison (2015) Past, present and future volcanic activity at restless calderas in the Main Ethiopian Rift. Now at University of St Andrews.

Jeannie Scott (2013) Origin and evolution of the Santiaguito lava dome complex, Guatemala.

Michelle Parks (2013) Volcanic processes during eruption and unrest: combining satellite and ground-based monitoring at Galeras and Santorini volcanoes. Now at Icelandic Met Office.

Susanna Ebmeier (2012) InSAR measurements of volcano deformation on the Central American Volcanic Arc. Now at University of Leeds.

Naomi Matthews (2011) Magma chamber assembly and dynamics of a supervolcano: Whakamaru, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Now at University of Stavanger, Norway.

David Ferguson (2011) Volcanic and magmatic processes at a young spreading centre in Afar, Ethiopia. Now at University of Leeds.

Sebastian Watt (2010) Records of volcanism and controls on volcanic processes in southern Chile. Now at University of Birmingham.