David Pyle

David Pyle

Professor of Earth Sciences

I am a volcanologist, with broad interests in understanding how volcanoes work, and in the causes and consequences of volcanic activity. Active research topics include: using historical sources to extend our knowledge of past eruptions and their societal impacts; understanding the response of volcanoes in once-glaciated regions to the end of the last glaciation; and piecing together records of past volcanism, and understanding contemporary volcanic risk, in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Take a look at my recent publications and current projects (listed below) for some more examples.

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David Pyle, Volcanoes: Encounters through the Ages, Bodleian/Chicago, 2017. ISBN 9781851244591 [Published 10 February 2017]

David Pyle, Volcanoes, Oceana Books, 128 pp., 1998. [Eagle books, 2003, paperback edition].

Edited Volumes/Monographs

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