My research focuses on using hydrogen in plagioclase feldspar as a magmatic hygrometer and a magma ascent chronometer.  These aims will be achieved by undertaking hydrogen partitioning experiments between plagioclase and silicic melts under various conditions, as well as plagioclase dehydration experiments.

I am supervised by Dr Mike Cassidy and Prof. Jon Blundy, and my DPhil is funded by the NERC Environmental Research Doctoral Training Programme (DTP).

Cutler, K.S., Watt, S.F.L., Cassidy, M., Madden-Nadeau, A.L., Engwell, S. L., Abdurrachman, M., Nurshal, M.E.M., Tappin, D.R., Carey, S.N., Novellino, A., Hayer, C., Hunt, J.E., Day, S.J., Grilli, S.T., Kurniawan, I.A. and Kartadinata, N. (in review). Downward-propagating eruption following vent unloading implies no direct magmatic trigger for the 2018 lateral collapse of Anak Krakatau, Earth and Planetary Science Letters.


Cutler, K.S., Filiberto, J., Treiman, A. H. and Trang, D., 2020. Experimental Investigation of Oxidation of Pyroxene and Basalt: Implications for Spectroscopic Analysis of the Surface of Venus and the Ages of Lava Flows, The Planetary Science Journal, 1(21). DOI: