Dr Roger Benson. My research addresses questions about large-scale patterns of biodiversity and phenotypic evolution in vertebrates. I am a taxonomic expert in extinct dinosaurs and marine reptiles, and my current work aims to address questions about evolutionary diversification using phylogenies and phenotypic trait data in birds, mammals, and their stem lineages. Current project in my group make extensive use of 3D visualisation methods and concern: morphological adaptation to flight, and flightlessness in birds; the land-water transition in secondarily aquatic groups such as marine reptiles, sea turtles and diving birds; early reptile evolution; and constraints on phenotypic evolution in mammals, birds and dinosaurs.



Dr Alex Bjarnason

Dr Donald Davesne

Dr Sam Giles

Dr Alberto Martín-Serra


Visiting researchers

Dr Neil Brocklehurst (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin)

Dr Roger Close (University of Birmingham)

Dr Matt Friedman (University of Michigan)


PhD students

(4th year)

Mimi Beckett

Gemma Benevento

Cesar Espinoza-Campuzano

Serjoscha Evers

David Ford

(3rd year)

Marie-Claire Koschowitz 

(2nd year)

Claire Dobson 


Research Assistants

Armin Schmitt


Past members of the Research Group

Dr James Neenan (postdoctoral fellow, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)

Dr Andrzej Wolniewicz

Dr Daniel Delbarre