Alex Bjarnason

Alex Bjarnason

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am an evolutionary biologist and ERC funded postdoctoral research assistant in palaeobiology studying rates of evolution, constraint and disparity in tetropods. I predominantly study the evolution of the avian skeleton using CT scanning for 3D visualisation and geometric morphometrics to quantify morphological variation. My previous research focused on morphological and molecular evolution in platyrrhine and hominoid primates, the use of morphology to accurately infer phylogenetic relationships, and how evolutionary relationships based on molecular data provide a context to understand morphological evolution. Broader research interests include evolutionary and functional morphology, geometric morphometrics and statistical approaches to quantify shape and form, phylogenetic comparative methods, homoplasy and convergent evolution, allometry, the application of genomics to understand phenotypic evolution, and evolutionary theory.

Evaluating Hypotheses of Plant Species Invasions on Mediterranean Islands: Inverse Patterns between Alien and Endemic Species
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Phylogeny, phylogenetic inference, and cranial evolution in pitheciids and Aotus
A Bjarnason, C Soligo, S Elton
American journal of primatology 79 (3), 1-11


Phylogeny, ecology, and morphological evolution in the atelid cranium
A Bjarnason, C Soligo, S Elton
International Journal of Primatology 36 (3), 513-529


A methodological investigation of hominoid craniodental morphology and phylogenetics
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