Current Members
Chris Day, Group leader (proxy development, environmental and climate reconstruction)
Christopher Theaker, DPhil (4.2 kyr event and development of new speleothem proxies)
Hamish Couper, DPhil (palaeoclimate reconstruction in North Africa)
Sam Hollowood, Masters student (Investigating the past 1000 years of climate history in southern Morocco using stalagmite material from the South-of-Atlas)
Stacy Carolin, University of Cambridge (palaeoclimate reconstruction projects)

Collaborators and Research Partners (University, nature of collaboration)
Tobias Kluge, University of Heidelberg, clumped isotopes in speleothems
Renee Lee, University of Reading, biology in caves
Yves Krüger, University of Bergen, liquid-vapour homogenization (palaeo-temperature reconstruction)
Anna Nele Meckler, University of Bergen, liquid-vapour homogenization (palaeo-temperature reconstruction)
Gideon Henderson, University of Oxford, proxy and palaeoclimate reconstruction projects
Philip Pogge von Strandmann, University College London, Li isotopes in speleothems as a proxy for weathering intensity
Franziska Lechleitner, University of Bern, Carbon isotopes in speleothems

Past Members
Rob Owen (DPhil, speleothem Ca-isotope proxies for absolute rainfall reconstruction, CaveCalc Karst modelling software development, 8pt2 kyr climate reconstruction)
Julia Barrott (DPhil, palaeoclimate reconstruction in Morocco)