Gideon Henderson

Gideon Henderson

Professor of Earth Sciences and Head of Department
Tel: 01865 282123

Research Profile

I am a geochemist researching climate change and the carbon cycle.

Paleoclimate: I develop and refine geochemical proxies to understand the history of the past environment. These include radioactive isotopes to study rates of processes such as ocean circulation, and stable-isotopes to understand variables such as past rainfall or weathering. I also construct timescales for these proxy-records, and I run a leading U-series-chronology lab dating the history of sea level and of high-resolution climate records in stalagmites. I collaborate with ocean modellers to better understand and apply paleoclimate proxies, particularly those based on U-series nuclides. The unifying goal of this work is to use paleoclimate to better understand the processes controlling climate change. A particular recent interest in this area is to understand the influence of seasonality through very high resolution paleoclimate records. This complements long-standing interests in the response of the climate system at orbital and millennial timescales.

Ocean chemistry: My interest in ocean chemistry links to paleoclimate because it provides critical information about the proxies used for paleoclimate, and also because the oceans play such a critical role in driving climate via the carbon cycle. By making appropriate measurements in the water column and underlying core-top sediments, I assess the calibration, limitations and uncertainty on paleoproxies such as 230Th normalization, Si isotopes, and Mg/Ca. I also research the iron cycle in the oceans – so important for its role as a limiting nutrient – assessing the fluxes of Fe into the ocean from atmosphere, land and sediment. More recently, though collaboration with ocean modellers at Oxford, I have started to pursue work on the inorganic carbon system in the oceans, including the sensitivity of future ocean carbon uptake and the appropriateness of some ocean geoengineeering schemes.

Teaching Profile

The Carbon Cycle (2nd year); Climate (3rd year; co-taught with Ros Rickaby and Samar Khatiwala); Topics in Oceanography (4th year; co-taught with other oceanographers).

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