The team at Oxford includes:

Bob Hilton – Group lead

Ella Walsh – post doc researching Arctic River geochemistry

Sanjeev Dasari – post doc quantifying greenhouse gas fluxes and isotope composition in rivers

Madeleine Stow – post doc exploring isotope tracers of past oxidative weathering

Leonardo Mena-Rivera – post doc researching the reactivity and age of organic matter in Arctic Rivers

Alex Lipp – research fellow working on earth surface processes forcing of biogeochemical cycles

Victoria Alcock – DPhil student working on controls on oxidative weathering revealed using trace metals and their isotopes

Lewis Collins – DPhil student working on isotope fractionation during mineral formation and dissolution

Hilde Cronwright – Laboratory Technician with expertise in water and sediment chemistry

Past members:

Jesse Zondervan – post doc working on global scale oxidative weathering fluxes (went on to post doc at UCL)

Eleanor Georgiadis – post doc working on microbes as drivers of oxidative weathering (went to a SNF fellow position at ETH Zurich)