Leonardo Mena-Rivera

Leonardo Mena-Rivera

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Biogeochemistry

I am interested in the application of state of the art analytical chemistry techniques to better understand complex biogeochemical processes in freshwater ecosystems. Recently, I have been investigating the chemical and microbial interactions between dissolved and particulate organic matter using a combination of mass spectrometry, compound-specific stable isotopes and amplicon sequencing approaches. I am also interested in natural resources conservation as I have been previously involved in multiple initiatives regarding integrated water resources management.

Currently, I am involved in the “River emissions of greenhouse gases from warming landscapes (RIV-ESCAPE)” project, which aims to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms controlling the release of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) from river catchments. My role focuses on investigating the reactivity and age of organic matter in catchments in the Arctic. The project is funded by a ERC consolidator grant awarded to Prof. Robert Hilton.

Before joining the University of Oxford, I completed a BSc in Industrial Chemistry at the National University of Costa Rica and a PhD in Chemistry at the Organic Geochemistry Unit, University of Bristol.

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