***JAN 2013 VERSION***

XSage 1.9.2 is a MATLAB script that has been designed to calculate the duration of events found in sedimentary cores. The script was initially written with the principal aim of determining the durations of geomagnetic excursions in sedimentary cores.

Using the variation in the concentration of Thorium-230-excess, a constant flux proxy, the variation in sedimentation rate between points of known ages in a core can be calculated. The variable sedimentation rate can then be used to calculate the durations of arbritary intervals (e.g. an event) between the two tie-points. This script takes measured uranium and thorium data and the known tie-points to determine a accurate durations and ages for intermediate events.

Using the uncertainties associated with the age and depth of the tie-points and the uranium and thorium measurements the script applies a Monte-Carlo method to determine the uncertainties associated with the age and duration determined for any point or interval.

This script requires MATLAB for use.

If you use this software, please include the citation:

Bourne, MD, Thomas, AL, Mac Niocaill, C, Henderson GM, (2012) Improved determination of marine sedimentation rates using 230Thxs, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 13, Q09017, DOI:10.1029/2012GC004295