Available data

Beneath Britain will provide access to a workstation at Oxford University with the complete UKOGL dataset loaded. Approved research proposals will be able to access the following data:

1. An extensive archive of shallow and deep 2D seismic lines and 3D seismic volumes from across the UK. The 2D seismic lines are downloadable as high-resolution JPEG images in both black and white or in colour.

2. Composite regional seismic lines across England and Wales, with interpretation. These can be downloaded from the UKOGL website in layered pdf format, allowing the line to be viewed both with and without the interpretation.

3. BGS 1:625K geology, satellite and road maps, to aid with locating data.

4. An extensive archive of well locations. Well deviations are also available as a layer for base maps. Wells are accompanied by databases of tops, TWT picks and some velocity survey information which are provided as data sheets.

5. A large array of information including licence application, activity and relinquishment reports; regional, sedimentological and geochemical studies.