Nikki Sridhar

Nikki Sridhar


I am interested in using meteorites to explore the history of our early solar system.

My research focuses on examining at the components of chondritic meteorites, some of the earliest, undifferentiated solids formed in our solar system, to investigate how mixing of solids occurred in the protoplanetary disk. I aim to do this using a variety of experimental techniques, including X-ray fluorescence mapping, mass spectrometry, and atom probe tomography.

I am also interested in exploring the volatile content of chondrites, as well as using bulk magnetic techniques to investigate the magnetic mineralogy of meteorites.

I am supervised by James Bryson and Jon Wade, and am funded via the STFC studentship.

Sridhar, N., Bryson, J. F. J., King, A. J., Harrison, R. J. (2021) Constraints on the ice composition of carbonaceous chondrites. LPSC Conference Abstracts, 2021 (LPI Contrib. No. 2548).