Phil Holdship

Phil Holdship

Research Fellow in Trace Element Analysis
Tel: +44 (0)1865 282063

My primary role is the management of the Trace Element Research Facility. This facility consists of two highly sensitive and versatile ICP-MS instruments which offer powerful analytical capabilities for the measurement of a substantial number of chemical elements at trace concentrations in many sample types, including those with complex matrices (see the ICP-MS Trace Element Small Research Facility webpage for more details). The facility supports analytical research for many research groups within the Earth Sciences Department, including those within the research themes of Oceanography, Climate, Palaeoenvironment, Planetary Evolution and Materials, and Earth Resources. Additionally, the facility also provides as a trace element analytical service for other departments at Oxford and beyond for commercial applications.

Aside of my management responsibilities, my research explores and applies new and novel techniques in inorganic mass spectrometry. This principally incorporates the use of ICP-MS, where I am particularly interested in the adaptation and subsequent hyphenation of flow injection and ion exchange systems with this type of mass spectrometry, especially to widen the capability of trace element measurements in complex matrices.

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