Phil Holdship

Phil Holdship

ICP Trace-Element SRF Manager

I am the Laboratory Manager for the ICP-MS Trace Element Small Research Facility at the Department of Earth Sciences. This research facility contains two ICP-MS instruments that support trace element analysis for many research groups within the department. Examples of recent studies include the measurements of:

  • Trace element ratio’s in cave calcites/ dripwaters to re-construct past climates
  • Major and trace elements in river water and digested particulates from the Lena River, Siberia, to investigate the transport of these elements after the spring flood in 2015
  • Siderophile elements from iron meteorites, to help better understand the chemistry of the core in terrestrial planets.

Many geochemical studies incorporate the use of this field of analytical science in order to harness its detection and working range capabilities. Thus my main goal is to ensure that our ICP-MS instruments are working to their optimum performance and to research into new advances that could help to develop future research in the department.

I also provide an analytical trace element service for other departments throughout Oxford University, other universities and in the commercial sector.

I have a Masters degree in Earth Sciences from Aberystwyth University. Before joining the department I worked in industry as an analytical scientist for commercial laboratories at Harwell and Sunbury.

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