Supporting Field Study

Field activity has remained an integral part of the undergraduate course. From the first year excursion to Pembroke to worldwide trips throughout the course, Oxford earth scientists are given opportunities from the beginning to develop the practical tools required for research. In turn, this ensures that tomorrow’s experts are scientifically trained to break new ground in their studies.

Field work provides new skills, experiences and the opportunity to bond with classmates in a new setting. It allows Oxford earth scientists to develop crucial skills in practical collaboration and learn how to best work and research as part of a group. It is no surprise that alumni fondly remember their time carrying out field work.

As an essential part of the degree, the Department of Earth Sciences actively welcomes contributions to support this aspect of the course in particular. Supporting field work gives donors the opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of students at all levels of giving.

“Fieldwork has really been the highlight of my Earth Sciences degree. Being able to participate in field trips, such as to Assynt and Dorset, has been invaluable in situating knowledge from lectures and labs into the real world. The experience of fieldwork has also helped to build my self-confidence and independence, especially going to Greenland for my mapping project.” Tamsin Savvides (University College, 2016).

Donations to the Field Teaching Fund go into our endowment. As such, they will have a lasting impact, training the next generation of Earth scientists, who might go on to support communities at risk of earthquakes; supply rare earth minerals for future technologies; or mitigate climate change.

Make a donation via the Development Office online giving page.