Rita Kounoudis

Rita Kounoudis

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Seismology

I am a seismologist interested in exploring the evolution of plate tectonics through space and time. My research involves applying a diverse range of seismological analyses to map the structure and dynamics of the Earth’s crust and mantle, spanning a variety of tectonic environments: from terminal-stage subduction zones in the Eastern Mediterranean to deciphering the processes involved in continental breakup and plume-lithosphere interactions along the East African Rift. More recently, I have been investigating parts of central and southern Africa that retain the geological imprints of ancient tectonic processes, such as the Pan African orogeny, which unfolded early in Earth’s tectonic history.

Invited research webinar talks

Rifts and rifted margins seminar (September 2023):


Additional resources:

  1. Primary School STEM outreach: What lies below the surface of East Africa


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