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Photo: Quinag, NW Highlands, Scotland

Quinag, NW Scotland, made of Torridonian fluvial sandstones resting on Lewisian gneiss and capped by Cambrian quartzite.

OESIS: the Oxford Earth Sciences Image Store

The Image Store is a work in progress, consisting of geological images provided or newly acquired by staff of the Dept of Earth Sciences. The ultimate intention is to provide a database-driven stock of royalty-free medium-resolution images (for assignments or PowerPoint presentations) for academic use among lecturers, teachers and students. The database would have two front-ends, for universities and for schools, with appropriate metadata for each purpose.

Currently, images are publicly available in static web pages at These include collections of general interest ...

... plus atlases of metamorphic rocks in close-up and of metamorphic minerals in thin-section designed for undergraduate use.