Atlas of Metamorphic Rocks

Detailed field and hand specimen photographs of metamorphic rocks grouped by setting and composition
  • Regional-low

    Low-grade regional metamorphic rocks. Examples from Cornwall that show the first tectonic and metamorphic fabrics in metasediments, plus a variety of sedimentary and igneous rock types in outcrop and hand specimen.

    18 images

  • Regional-medium

    Medium-grade regional metamorphic rocks including the Barrovian index minerals in metapelites and amphibolite-facies calcareous sediments and meta-igneous rocks from collisional metamorphic belts.

    45 images

  • Regional-high

    High-grade regional metamorphic rocks, including migmatites and granulites from both Phanerozoic orogenic belts and Precambrian metamorphic terrains.

    32 images

  • HighP

    High-pressure metamorphic rocks from subduction-zone environments, belonging to the blueschist and eclogite facies.

    22 images

  • Dynamic

    Dynamic metamorphism: rocks from environments such as large-scale ductile shear zones, where intense deformation is the dominant feature.

    6 images

  • Thermal

    Thermal metamorphism. Rocks formed in environments where directed stresses are not important, such as the contact aureoles around igneous bodies. Assemblages usually formed at low pressure.

    11 images

  • Hydrothermal

    Rocks formed by a variety of processes that involve fluids, transfer of material in fluid, or crystallisation from silicate-bearing fluid or fluid-rich melt.

    7 images

  • Ophiolite-mantle

    Ultrabasic metamorphic rocks that derive from the Earth's mantle, found in ophiolite sequences, orogenic peridotites, or as nodules in volcanic pipes.

    6 images