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photomicrograph: coesite in garnet

A small remnant of coesite, a high-pressure polymorph of silica, enclosed in garnet from western Norway. Field of view 0.25mm. (Photo by Alice Wain)

Dave Waters - Teaching materials

Current course materials are held on WebLearn, the University's central Virtual Learning Environment, and are accessible by using an Oxford University single-sign-on username and password.
I'm looking into making some of these materials available to the public once more.

The OESIS image site now contains a university-level teaching branch that gives access to materials from current third-year metamorphic courses.

I have also resurrected some legacy materials designed for a first-year Introduction to Metamorphic Rocks course in the late 1990s. They have some rather quaint early-Web features (being designed for primitive browsers, small monitors and dial-up internet connections), but they still work, after a fashion.