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Marble with ruby corundum

Ruby corundum in a marble from the Karakoram Metamorphic Complex, Pakistan

Earth Science WWW Resources

I started maintaining lists of Earth Science resources in about 1996, when the Web was fairly young. It's so much easier today to find resources, and a lot harder for a compiler to keep track of them, so I've given up any attempt to provide this kind of coverage. Nevertheless, here are a few things you might not find right away with a search engine.

Petrological blogs

Alias Simon Wellings, alumnus of what has become the Oxford Hard Rock Group

Life in Plane Light: The microscope is my friend

Mountain Beltway - metamorphism category

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Bristol University PhD students, or

VOLCANICDEGASSING - mainly about volcanoes
There are several volcanology blogs out there but this is an ad for an Oxford colleague and research group

All-geo: The best of Geology and Earth Science on the web
Keep up to date; maybe there's some hard-rock petrology out there

Petrographic images

Kurt Hollocher's Metamorphic Minerals Image Gallery
A nice selection of high-quality photomicrographs
See his Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology index page
for more photo galleries

The Virtual Microscope (developed by the Open University)
Thin section and hand specimen images, excellent

GigaPan - Geological thin sections gallery
Big images, but of variable quality


Atlas de MineralogĂ­a Ă“ptica (in Spanish)
Nice! Be patient while the images load.

Atlas of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals and Textures
1990s site, still there!

Microckscopica - Bernardo Cesare's Rock Art project
Psychedelia made from metamorphic and igneous rock thin sections

Other metamorphic rock images

GigaPan - from the Geology category
For giant images of metamorphic rocks in the field or in hand specimen