Mhairi Reid

Mhairi Reid


My research focuses on understanding the early evolution of birds, in particular the Australaves (Cariama, flacons, parrots and passerines). By establishing a new and comprehensive phylogeny I will be able to better understand their early evolutionary history particularly the affinities of extinct, fossil groups with distinct ecomorphologies, their implications for the evolution of ecological traits, and the extent to which morphological character states support key nodes in the molecular phylogeny of Telluraves. This project is supervised by Prof. Roger Benson and is funded by NERC through the Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research.

I previously studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa where my MSc focused on the sedimentology and taphonomy of a Palaeozoic echinoderm obrution deposit. I have also done extensive work on dinosaur footprints from Lesotho.

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