Dr Marc-Andre Cormier

Dr Marc-Andre Cormier

Visiting Researcher
Tel: +44 748 870-2520

As postdoctoral researcher at the ​Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) I worked at extending our understanding of the roles of Photosynthesizers in the global Earth system. At the Geological Institute, I was in charge of the Coccolithophore Culture Laboratory and was looking at the imprint of carbon concentrating mechanisms in phytoplankton organic and inorganic geochemistry.

I studied Marine Biology, Biochemistry (BSc)  and Political Science at Laval University, Geological Oceanography (MSc) at the Geotop Research Center, and I completed a doctoral thesis (Dr. sc.) in the Department of Environmental Systems Science at the ETH Zürich as well as a PhD program bridging Sciences and Policy at the University of Zürich. My doctoral thesis in the Plant Physiological Ecology group looked at the biochemical and metabolic effects on hydrogen isotope composition of organic compounds in plants.

Following these extraordinary experiences, I visited laboratories at the University of Oxford, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer) and the German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ-Potsdam) to explore how vital effects on stable-isotope composition of organic molecules could be exploited in novel ways to track important marine biogeochemical processes.

In general, I am fascinated by the interactions and feedbacks between the biosphere, including humankind (including immense aspects of plastic & fossil fuel pollution), and the geosphere at different spatial and temporal scales in marine and terrestrial environments. The development of new tools such as those involving stable isotope measurements to investigate biogeochemical processes is fundamental to my research. As such, I am also collaborating on projects at (A) the German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ-Potsdam) investigating the changes in aridity and precipitation patterns at the end of the last ice age (15.000 – 10.000 years ago) across the European continent using a novel dual biomarker approach involving hydrogen isotopes and (B) the University of Surrey investigating the real risks of plastic pollution and emerging contaminants.


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Selected Communications:


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Pedentchouk, N., Belt, S., Brown, T., Cormier, M.-A., Smik, L., Mock, T., Jones, M. The Effect of Light Intensity on 2H/1H Ratios of Highly Branched Isoprenoids (HBIs) in the Diatom Pleurosigma Intermedium, Goldschmidt 2017,13-18 August, Paris, France.


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