My interests lie in the evolution of tectonics on the early Earth, and how early tectonic activity generated highly evolved melts from primitive sources. My work focusses on the petrogenesis of Li-Cs-Ta (LCT) pegmatites, which are an important source of Lithium critical for modern battery technologies. LCT pegmatites first appear in the geologic record in the late Archean and imply the presence of active crustal reworking processes, however exactly how LCT pegmatites form is contested. To tackle this question, I use various analytical techniques, ranging from detailed geological mapping in Archean terranes to petrological modelling and trace element geochemistry. I hope to use these methods to better understand the melt forming processes on the early Earth and beyond.

Koopmans, L., McCarthy, W., Magee, C. (2022). Dyke Architecture, Mineral Layering, and Magmatic Convection; New Perspectives from the Younger Giant Dyke Complex, S Greenland (Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems).

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