Franck Latallerie

Franck Latallerie

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am a seismologist and my current research is about imaging the mantle structure using elaborate inverse methods to better understand the mantle dynamics. Recently, I’ve been applying the Backus-Gilbert inversion to surface-wave tomography to build images of the upper-mantle, with a direct control over their resolution and uncertainties.

Currently, I am involved in the MC2 (Mantle Circulation Constrained)  large NERC grant project as a postdoctoral research assistant. In this project I collaborate with researchers from various fields in solid Earth sciences. Our aim is to bring together observations to constrain mantle circulation simulations. Here in Oxford, I am in the Deepscape group, working with Paula Koelemeijer and Andrew Walker.

Previously I did my PhD at the ITES (Institut Terre et Environnement de Strasbourg) in France with Alessia Maggi on applying the Backus-Gilbert inversion to surface-wave tomography, in the frameworks of ray theory and finite-frequency theory, with applications to the Pacific region.

Latallerie, F., Zaroli, C., Lambotte, S., & Maggi, A. (2022). Analysis of tomographic models using resolution and uncertainties: a surface wave example from the Pacific. Geophysical Journal International, 230(2), 893-907.

Smirnov, A. G., Kronberg, E. A., Latallerie, F., Daly, P. W., Aseev, N., Shprits, Y. Y., … & Taylor, M. G. G. T. (2019). Electron intensity measurements by the Cluster/RAPID/IES instrument in Earth’s radiation belts and ring current. Space Weather, 17(4), 553-566.