Don Fraser

Don Fraser

Emeritus Professor
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 272033

Research Profile

I am interested in the origins of biochirality and how mineral surfaces interact with simple organic molecules to facilitate non-biological polymerization and the formation of pre-biotic molecules like peptides. We have shown experimentally how inorganic layered double hydroxides (LDH), based on brucite and gibbsite, can catalyse the formation of oligopeptides with high yields. The experimental results are modelled using both MD simulations and ab initio calculations to provide information on molecular orientation on these layered materials.

A related area of interest involves the use of small angle neutron scattering to probe how chiral amino acids interact with clay layers in modified vermiculite gels with 5nm interlayer spacing. This is combined with measurements using  isotopically substituted amino acids to provide a detailed view of amino acids in the clay inter-layer.

My other main interest involves the thermodynamic properties of silicate melts and how these are determined by the acid-base properties of their components, including volatile components.

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