David Waters

David Waters

Associate Professor of Metamorphic Petrology (retired)

My research is concerned with the fundamental processes of metamorphic change at all scales from the mineral lattice to the continental crust, but with particular emphasis on the relationships between microstructures at the scale of the mineral grains and the thermodynamic and kinetic controls on metamorphic reaction processes.

Understanding these grain-scale processes forms the basis for addressing large-scale problems in tectonics and crustal evolution. Together with other members of Oxford’s Hard Rock Group, I am contributing to research in several areas, including: the evolution of the metamorphic core of the Himalaya and Karakoram, the formation and exhumation of eclogites in collision zones, the petrology of ophiolite complexes and their high-temperature metamorphic soles, and partial melting processes in relation to granulite formation and the generation of granites.

I have taught courses with a significant practical component in metamorphic petrology, microstructure of ductile deformation, crustal evolution (in relation to ore deposits) and geological map interpretation.

More detail (much more!) can be found on my home page, and on the Hard Rock Group web site.

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