Darren Hillegonds

Darren Hillegonds

Research Fellow in Analytical Chemistry

I am an analytical chemist specialising in inorganic mass spectrometry, with a focus on isotope tracing and analysis in natural systems.  My research in the Earth Sciences Department is in application of noble gas isotopic analysis to terrestrial systems, and in developing the analytical capabilities of the Oxford University Noble Lab, a multi-user facility consisting of four magnetic sector mass spectrometers for analysis of all stable noble gas isotopes in gas, water, and solid samples.

Education: Purdue University (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry), University of Michigan (B.S. in Chemistry and Classical Archaeology)

Professional experience: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (postdoc. in Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, career post in Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry), International Atomic Energy Agency (professional posting in Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry).

Noble gas geochemistry

Barry PH, Kulongoski JT, Landon MK, Tyne RL, Gillespie JM, Stephens MJ, Hillegonds DJ, Byrne DJ, Ballentine CJ (2018) Tracing enhanced oil recovery signatures in casing gases from the Lost Hills oil field using noble gases. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 496: 57-67.

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Visser A, Singleton MJ, Hillegonds DJ, Velsko CA, Moran JE, Esser BK (2013) A membrane inlet mass spectrometry system for noble gases at natural abundances in gas and water samples. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 27(21):2472-2482.



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Calcium metabolism

Hillegonds DJ, Vogel JS, Fitzgerald RL, Deftos LJ,. Herold D, Burton DW (2013) Diagnosis and assessment of skeletal related disease using calcium 41. United States Patent Number 8388930.

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Hillegonds DJ, Fitzgerald R, Herold D, Lin Y, Vogel JS. (2004) High throughput measurement of 41Ca by accelerator mass spectrometry to quantitate small changes in individual human bone turnover rates. Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation 9(3):99-102.


Other research (archaeological chemistry, biochemistry, physics)

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