Conall Mac Niocaill

Conall Mac Niocaill

Professor of Earth Sciences
Tel: +44 (0)1865 282135


I am a geologist, with a background in both geology and geophysics.  My major research focus lies in the application of palaeomagnetic tools to a variety of long-standing Earth Science problems.  These encompass palaeogeographic and plate tectonic reconstructions, Earth history and the development of the Caledonian and Variscan mountain belts, magnetostratigraphic dating of major episodes of environmental change in the Earth’s history (particularly those associated with large igneous provinces), the emplacement mechanisms of volcanic rocks, and the long-term behavior of the Earth’s magnetic field.  The approach required to make progress in these fields is, of necessity, a collaborative one, and a key facet of my research has been the integration of data from different disciplines in better understanding the relevant Earth processes.



1st Year – Fundamentals of Geology I – Mineralogy & Petrology
1st Year – Planet Earth
1st Year – Fundamentals of Geology II – Geological Maps

2nd Year – Geophysical Methods
2nd Year – Metamorphic Petrology
2nd Year – Geological Maps

4th Year – Rock-, Environmental-, and Palaeomagnetism

1st Year Field Course to Pembrokshire (4 days)
1st Year Field Course to Arran, Scotland (11 days)



I am the Associate Head of Department (Teaching)

I am also the Giuseppe Vernazza Fellow in Earth Sciences at Exeter College

Monographs / Edited Books / Special Volumes

  • McCausland, P.J, Murphy, J.B., & Mac Niocaill, C. (eds), 2006.  “Endings and Beginnings: Paleogeography, life and climate of the terminal Neoproterozoic through Cambrian time”, Precambrian Research, Special issue, 147, 233pp.
  • Mac Niocaill, C., Torsvik, T.H., & van der Pluijm, B.A. (eds), 2003.  “Paleomagnetism Applied to Tectonics”, Tectonophysics Special issue, 362, 366pp.
  • Mac Niocaill, C. & Ryan, P.D. (eds) 1999.  Continental Tectonics, Geological Society of London Special Publication, 164, 350pp


  • Gregory, L.C., Mac Niocaill, C., Walker, R.T., Bayasgalan, G., & Craig, T. 2018.  Vertical axis rotation (or lack thereof) of the eastern Mongolian Altay Mountains: implications for far-field transpressional mountain building.  Tectonophysics, 736, 31–46.
  • Xu, W., Mac Niocaill, C., Ruhl, M., Jenkyns, H.C., Riding, J.B., & Hesselbo, S.P. 2018.  Magnetostratigraphy of the Toarcian Stage (Lower Jurassic) of the Llanbedr (Mochras Farm) Borehole, Wales: basis for a global standard and implications for volcanic forcing of palaeoenvironmental change. Journal of the Geological Society,
  • Wilkinson, J.J., Vowles, K., Muxworthy, A.R., & Mac Niocaill, C. 2017.  Regional remagnetization of Irish Carboniferous Carbonates dates Variscan Orogenesis, not Zn-Pb Mineralization.  Geology, 45, 747-750. doi:10.1130/G39032.1
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  • Døssing, A., Muxworthy, A.R., Supakulopas, R., Riihuus, M.S., & Mac Niocaill, C. 2016. High northern geomagnetic field behavior and new constraints on the Gilsa event: paleomagnetic and 40Ar/39Ar results of ~0.5 – 3.1Ma basalts from Jökuldalur, Iceland.  Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 414, 16-29. doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2016.09.022
  • Dodd, S., Muxworthy, A.R., & Mac Niocaill, C. 2015.  Paleointensity determinations from the Etendeka Province support a low magnetic field strength prior to the Cretaceous Normal Superchron.  Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 16 (3), 785-797. doi: 10.1002/2014GC005707
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Other Publications

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