Oxford Earth Science Students are Awarded an EGU Public Engagement Grant

Oxford Earth Science Students are Awarded an EGU Public Engagement Grant

Congratulations to postgraduate students Roberta Wilkinson and Matthew Kemp who together make up Geologise Theatre (@wearegeologise). They have been awarded a 2021 EGU Public Engagement Grant which are awarded each year to Union members interested in developing an outreach project to raise awareness of the geosciences outside the scientific community.

Roberta and Matthew take a different approach to communicating, they write, produce and perform songs and musical theatre shows about geosciences as Geologise Theatre and this funded project will be tackling the issue of climate change in ‘Geologise Theatre presents: A Climate Change Musical’. Roberta and Matthew said in response to the award “We love combining musical theatre and science to engage audiences, and we are excited to create a new show about climate change for children and teenagers. This project will be a great opportunity to engage with young people on the science and research behind climate issues. We are delighted to be awarded this grant, many thanks to EGU.”

Roberta and Matthew on stage. Photo credit: Kelly Richards

The grants are for a period of approximately 12 months and will be awarded this month. The winners will be invited to present their public-engagement work at next year’s EGU General Assembly and to participate in EGU educational and outreach activities in Vienna in 2022. They are also invited to submit a paper about their work to the journal Geoscience Communication.

We look forward to seeing their latest musical!