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Main Sections

1. Microprobe analyses

2. Mineral groups

3. Solid solutions

4. Thermobarometers

5. Uncertainties

6. P-T calculations

7. Phase diagrams



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Activity coding



Bugs and quirks

Bulk compositions

Modal proportions

Spreadsheet tools

Practical Aspects of Mineral Thermobarometry

THERMOCALC Links: downloads and documentation

The links below should help to find useful material. The latest and recommended version of the software is version 3.2 for Windows and Mac. It comes with an updated thermodynamic data-set (including end members for silicate melts), PDF-format documentation, a recent version of the program AX for calculating activities of end members, and a phase diagram drawing utility Drawpad. The links below have been updated to December 2007.


Download from Melbourne

The current downloads (December 2007) are version 3.30 (August 2007) and version 3.26 (April 2007).

Note carefully: The version 3.30 download is a zip file containing executable versions of the program for PC and Mac, with example data files, but does not include the data set file (e.g. tcds55.txt, which will have to be renamed with a hyphen to tc-ds55.txt). Version 3.30 has a slightly different way of handling data files, with the scripts in a separate input file from the activity codings. This is more convenient, when you get used to it.

The data set file can be found in the version 3.26 download (pc.zip or mac.zip), which also contains Drawpad and a java version of AX.

The documentation package can also be downloaded from here.

Download from Cambridge

The download from the Cambridge ftp site(also named pc.zip or mac.zip) is currently dated 11/04/2006 and offers THERMOCALC version 3.25 along with the data set file and executables of Drawpad and AX. The documents package is here too.

You can also download the latest version of AX (with a bug fix)

THERMOCALC documentation

Authors' web sites

Tim Holland
This site will take you to the Cambridge software download ftp area, and to on-line documentation for the thermodynamic data-set.

Roger Powell's THERMOCALC Page
As of 6 April 2005, Roger Powell's old site has been removed, and redirects to the THERMOCALC page, which offers downloads of the current versions of THERMOCALC, drawpd and AX, and a zipped package of documentation. Further documentation is promised.

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This page last modified 18 December 2007